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Grass Valley EDIUS 8.1

Posted on 29th Oct 2015 @ 5:06 PM

Grass Valley EDIUS 8.1

Windows 7 (64-bit) / Windows 8 (64-bit) / Windows 8.1 (64-bit) / Windows 10 (64-bit)

This update contains feature improvements, bug fixes, and is an official localized version.


Release Notes

View the release notes for EDIUS Software v8.10b0188.

Update History

The following issues are fixed or improved in this version:


  • STORM Pro does not capture SDI embedded audio
  • STORM Pro does not capture analog audio
  • Audio noise from STORM Pro when switching between Player and Recorder window in EDIUS.
  • If certain SMPTE effects are applied to a clip or clips, edge noise appears
  • Intel Quick Sync Video does not work for printing to file if Intel HD graphics driver is updated
  • Soft edge does not work in the Layouter if it is applied at the outside of clip
  • User preset is not saved in an alpha custom effect
  • Mask shape cannot be edited by using Bezier curve in Mask filter
  • EDIUS crashes if Burn to Disc menu is selected in a 4K project
  • Decode performance of DNxHD has been improved
  • Decode performance of Apple ProRes has been improved
  • Performance of encoding to AVC-Ultra has been improved

GV Browser

  • GV Browser starts up slowly
  • GV Browser freezes when exiting GV Browser application
  • GV Browser freezes when playing certain MOV clips
  • If a clip that has a comment that is registered from GV Browser to the EDIUS Bin, the comment is not displayed in the registered clip
  • Seek response for video clip preview has been improved
  • Imported clip does not have metadata that is added when importing clip
  • Full-screen preview always runs on the primary monitor if two monitors are connected
  • GV Browser crashes if the verification result of the card copy dialog is closed by clicking the [X] button
  • GV Browser crashes if certain folders are refreshed in the folder tree
  • Sort function does not work for the GV Browser folder in EDIUS Source Browser
  • Comments and tags are not updated in EDIUS Source Browser even though they are updated in the GV Browser application
  • EDIUS does not respond if refreshing the GV Browser folder in the EDIUS Source Browser