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Grass Valley EDIUS 8.20

Posted on 25th Apr 2016 @ 3:34 PM

Grass Valley EDIUS 8.20

This update provides the following additional features:


New Features of Version 8.20.312

  • Primary color correction (RGB) on LOG or RAW clips.
  • Motion tracking feature for Mask filter.
  • Support for RAW decoding. (Sony and Canon RAW supported)
  • Support for draft video preview. (EDIUS Workgroup only)
  • Support for importing new Panasonic P2 AVC-Ultra formats (Intra422, Intra LT and Intra LT 2K).
  • Support for browsing external folder in Sony XDCAM Station V3.0. (EDIUS Workgroup only)
  • Connectivity to K2 storage via FTP without K2 Connect Option. (EDIUS Workgroup only)
  • Support for Dolby-E or AC3 audio pass-through output for XDCAM MXF clip. (EDIUS Workgroup only)
  • Support for handling still images as a sequence in GV Browser.
  • Find duplicate clips in the GV Browser library .
  • Draft preview to browse registered clips in GV Browser.
  • GPX file import in GV Browser.

The following issues are fixed or improved in this version:


  • Blocking noise appears in exported MPEG-1 clip.
  • EDIUS Pro 8 will not launch if off-line.
  • Takes long time to load certain AVC LongG clips.
  • Disc Burner fails to encode if 4:3 aspect ratio sequence is selected.
  • Chapter position shifts in a burnt Blu-ray disc
  • EDIUS crashes when selecting menu item [Delete In/Out].
  • Project is still rendered locally even when checking [use XRE] in file export option.
    (EDIUS Workgroup only)
  • Video shifts when playing back uncompressed 10-bit AVI.
  • Playback cursor moves backwards several seconds while playing a growing clip.
    (EDIUS Workgroup only)
  • A clip marker that points to an XDCAM clip disappears when transferring the clip from XDCAM Pro Disc.
  • Undocked Source Browser window opens when opening a project.
  • User profile disappears from ConfigProfile.exe.
  • Field order and pixel aspect are detected incorrectly when certain H.264 MP4 clips are imported.

GV Browser

  • CPU load increases if video clip playback is paused.
  • Video playback performance deteriorates if same frame size clips are played.
  • GV Browser crashes if Terms of Service link is clicked in the YouTube uploader.
  • GV Browser crashes if video clips are switched too quickly in the library window.
  • Clip thumbnail is corrupted if an HQX-with-alpha clip is displayed in the GV Browser pane in Source Browser.