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Barry Green The HMC Book - HMC 151/41/81

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Barry Green
The HMC Book

HMC 151/41/81


The HMC Book is a comprehensive, detailed, and ultimate reference guide for Panasonic's HMC41, HMC151 and HMC81 camcorders.

This book and CD pckage presents a comprehensive examination of the cameras and all their features, settings, and modes, the tapeless workflow, working with AVCHD footage, and tutorials on some of the most common situations users find themselves facing. The book de-mystifies what all the features of the cameras actually do, as well as explaining when and why you'd want to use each setting for the best results. An extensive section of tutorials and essays teach a range of subjects from the simple to the advanced, including explanations on how to get the shallow depth-of-field look, how to control strobing and shoot 24P (or 25P) for the best results, and how to use the waveform monitor and vectorscope. The book is jam-packed with photos and screenshots throughout its 256 full-color, high-quality glossy pages.

The HMC Book is everything The HMC150 Book was, plus much more. Over 40 pages longer, it includes complete coverage of the HMC41 camera and all its unique aspects, as well as a new FAQ section for dealing with common workflow and operation issues, and extensively rewritten articles oriented towards beginning users to help them fully understand these professional camcorders, how they operate, and how to get the best from them. Detailed explanations of how to white balance, how to get proper exposure, use of the shutter speed, and many many more are included.


Also included is a CD-ROM which contains all the scene file explanation pictures and sample scene file photographs in uncompressed format, as well as 24 SCENE FILES that you can copy to an SD card and upload into your HMC151 camera (printed scene file settings are included for the HMC41). Scene Files for 60Hz (USA) and 50Hz (Europe and Asia/Pacific) are included.


  • Ideal for new and experienced AVCCAM users
  • Covers AG-HMC151, AG-HMC41 and AG-HMC81
  • Thorough examination of features and settings
  • Explanations on camera fundamentals and shooting fundamentals
  • Includes highly practical, real world advice on getting the best pictures and sound possible from the AG-HMC151, AG-HMC41 and HMC81, with advice on sensible workflows and excellent tips

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