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Compass 12 Solo DV 2 Stage Alloy Tripod

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Compass 12 Solo

2 Stage Alloy Tripod

The Compass 12 Solo DV Alloy system consists of the newly released Compass 12 fluid head and the ultra strong Solo DV 2-Stage Alloy Tripod. The system is designed to suit payload capacities from DSLR to DV camera set-ups with features including selectable smooth pan/tilt drags, illuminated bubble level, concentric self adjusting leg locks, and high strength telescopic tubing and minimum travel length all offered in cost-effective system packages. This is the choice for DSLR/DV professionals on the go!


  • Three selectable positions of drag plus a zero position
  • Four selectable positions of counterbalance for payloads between 2-10 kg
  • Quick release sliding camera plate with 60mm travel
  • Illuminated bubble level
  • 75mm Ball levelling
  • Solo DV 2-Stage Alloy tripod
  • 3 Position Leg angle locks for a height range 234-1625 mm
  • Spikes with wind down rubber feet





Material Alloy/Rubber
Construction 2-Stage
Maximum Height 1795 mm
Minimum Height 404 mm
Mounting Standard 75mm Ball Leveling
Payload Capacity 10kg
Payload Range 2-10kg
Transport Length 870 mm
Weight 7.10kg

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