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Cool-Lux LuxGear Follow Focus Gear Ring (62-63)

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Product Omschrijving

LuxGears are seamless, cinema pitched lens gears for use with a follow focus. Each gear is precision molded in high-durometer silicone to create a fully functional compression fit on a lens’ focus barrel without the need for cumbersome buckle mechanisms that can get in the way. 

The numbers in the title of the product refer to the compatible focus barrel diameter range. For instance: LuxGear 62-63 is compatible with lenses that have focus barrel diameters between 62mm and 63.9mm.


  • 0.8 cinema pitch geared teeth for compatibility with any standard follow focus.
  • precision molded, high-durometer silicone construction.
  • compression fit allows for easy tool-less installation and removal.
  • continuous 360° of rotation.
  • secure fit on lenses with barrel diameters between 62mm and 63.9mm.
  • 16 sizes to choose from.


Lux Gear sizing by lens. View PDF

Can't find you lens in the PDF ? Print out this handy Lens Diameter Ruler(US Letter) or Lens Diameter Ruler(A4 Euro) to get an accurate measurement on your lens.



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