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DSLR Baseplate

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DSLR Baseplate


Your Zacuto DSLR Base Plate is a highly configurable base plate which is adjustable to accommodate tall and short body cameras and cameras with battery grips. It also has mounting points to attach just about anything. It comes with 2 3.5" rods.

The DSLR Base Plate can accommodate 15mm rods on all 4 sides. On the front are 2 levels for rods. The top is for mounting follow focuses, matte boxes, zoom/focus motors and lens support if space allows. The bottom rods are primarily used for lens support and single or double hand grips. These rods can be locked via allen screw so as to not come loose if using only one side for a single hand grip. The rear rod holes are for rod extensions to support battery power, wireless plates, monitors and numerous other accessories that you may need when in a tripod configuration. The rod holes on the left and right sides are for mounting the gunstock and the offset shoulder pad and counterweight for hand held use. Also mounted on these side rods can be a top handle, monitor arms and the cage which would use both sides at the same time.

On the bottom of the DSLR Base plate are your standard ¼ 20 and 3/8 16 mounting holes for tripods, mono pods, steadicams, etc. The top plate is a quick release plate that with a twist of the red knob lifts straight up and off separating your DSLR with the Z-finder attached, from the rest of your rig. The red knob also gives you left/right movement to adjust the lens position. On the front of the base plate between the rods are 2 allen screws that are used to adjust the top plate vertically. The vertical adjustment is to adjust for different camera body sizes and maintain the proper lens height.





Zacuto's DSLR Baseplate ~ Cinema Line from steve weiss on Vimeo.


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