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Datavideo HS-500 Hand Carried Studio

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Datavideo HS-500 Hand Carried Studio




The Datavideo HS-500 is a compact, portable one box solution, built around the SE-500. Designed with no compromise in performance for users where weight matters.
Perfect for applications within education, places of worship, internet streaming, event & live staging, conferences and many more. HS-500 comes supplied complete in a stylish and light aluminium carrying case, for easy and secure transport and storage.

The input connections include Composite Video and Y/C (S-Video), output also includes Component (Y:U:V), which could be connected to a DVD recorder or projector.

Components included:

  • SE-500
    • 4-input Y/C (S-Video), Composite Video switcher with
      unique quad pre-view output, allows display of all 4
      sources on a single monitor. On-screen tally light Indication.
  • TLM-702
    • Provides next source and master output monitoring.

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