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FMX-22 Portable Mixer

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New and improved, the FMX-22 now uses the same circuit topology as the more expensive Azden mixers. With improved signal to noise ratio and wider frequency response the new FMX-22 is designed for the demanding needs of Professional Videographers.

The small, all metal, battery operated (4-“AA”) mixer can be attached directly to any flat surface with supplied hook-and-loop fastener.

The FMX-22 has the following features: 2 XLR microphone inputs each with 2 input settings, 2 input level controls, master level control, switchable phantom power and limiters for each input, channel-addressable (L-C-R) Stereo XLR and mini outputs, 5-step LED array for easy signal monitoring, 12V DC input for external power (optional BC-27 power supply), and a 1/4" monitor headphone jack with level control.



Technical Specs:

Frequency Response:

  • Main and Unbalanced Output: 20-20,000Hz (+0/-.5dB)
  • Monitor Output: 50-17,000Hz (-3dB)

Noise Level:

  • Left & Right Channel: -119dBu (A weighted, Input Equivalent Level)
  • T.H.D.: less than 0.005% @ 1KHz (+10dBu output)

MIC Input Level:

  • LO -21 dBu Gain +58dB max gain
  • HI -5dBu Gain +42dB max gain

Monitor Output:

  • 3.5mm Stereo: -4dBu (32 ohm load)
  • (Recommended load 16-100 ohms)

Maximum Output Level:

Balanced Output:

  • +15dBu (5K ohms)

Unbalanced Output (3.5mm):

  • -20dBu (2K ohms)

Battery Type/Duration:

  • 4-"AA" Alkaline - 15 hours

Current Drain:

  • 77mA nominal (Phantom Power Off)
  • 118mA maximum (Phantom Power On)
  • Phantom Power Voltage: 48VDC (+/- 1.5VDC)


  • 53.5H x 145W x 120D mm (2.19 x 5.70 x 4.75 inches)


  • w/o Battery: 23.58 ounces (670 grams)

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