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FS100 Top Handle

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FS100 Top Handle


The FS100 Top Handle mounts directly to the FS100 camera without blocking the opening of the LCD screen. The handle is ideal for low-mode shooting and easy transport of your camera. The base of the handle attaches to the FS100 via (3) ¼” 20 screws (included) and the coldshoe mount. The (3) mounting points and coldshoe ensure a sturdy connection. The Top Handle mounts to the base via Zacuto’s quick release Z-Rail system, allowing you to leave the base on the camera and remove the handle with the flip of a lever. The handle can be slid left or right on the Z-Rail to balance the camera’s center of gravity. Zacuto dovetail accessories are adjustable to work with Z-Rail, NATO, SWAT, RED, PICATINNY, and WOODEN CAMERA rails. The handle and rods assembly is 7” long. Both ends of the handle are female threaded for extensions.



You can also mount your FS100 microphone to the handle using our T-Mount (single hole) or Tri-Mount (dual hole). The T-Mount has (1) 15mm port that is secured with an Allen screw and (1) 15mm quick release hole. The port attaches to the Top Handle rod, giving you a 15mm hole to mount anything from your mic, EVF, light, recorder, etc. The dual hole Tri-Mount also has (1) 15mm port but includes (2) 15mm holes so you can mount two accessories at the same time. Click on the main image to see detailed pictures of both mounts. The T-Mount and Tri-Mount are not included with the Top Handle.

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