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Fader ND Filter 55mm MKII

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Fader ND Adjustable ND Filter

(ND2- ND400)



Het Neutral Density Filter is één van de meest voorkomende effecten-filter welke gebruikt wordt door zowel de fotograaf als de filmer. Met name de filmer heeft behoefte aan beheersing van het licht middels een grijs filter (neutral density).

Met een ND Adjustable filter is het mogelijk om het licht traploos in te stellen.


Fader ND filter is the unique product of Light Craft Workshop. Highly recommended by famous photographers and film directors.

We deliver you the best Fader ND with confidence and professional after sales support.

The real Fader ND filters are only available here or at our authorized resellers. Please aware of imitation.

All Fader ND are made in our own factory, so rumor from imitators saying "they are from the same manufacturer" never exists.

Fader ND mark II

The Fader ND mark II is designed to provide high image quality for HD (High Definition) videography, equipped with a better made glass, offering a better image resolution, avoiding any colour cast. Not only HD videography, the Fader ND also works perfectly for photography.

Light Craft Workshop is the only manufacturer who can offer the real mark II/ upgraded/ HD Fader ND in the market.


Fader ND filter is a variable neutral density filter. By rotating the filter, it offers 2 to 8 stops added density. A perfect tool to produce slow shutter effects or large aperture with a result of beautiful brokeh under strong light.

The Fader ND filter is suggested to use with wide and standard lens to obtain the best performance. Ultra wide and super tele focal length (up to 200mm) are also applicable.

  • Fader ND mark II filter 55mm:
  • Back thread diameter (attach to lens): 55mm
  • Front thread diameter (attach additional filter): 58mm



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