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The Fee-N-G is the ultimate ENG style rig compatible with all DSLR cameras. It is a lightweight and compact, in-line kit ideal for run-and-gun and all types of handheld shooting. The single Zgrip attached to the front of the DSLR baseplate allows for precise camera control without the added weight of a dual handgrip system. With one hand on the grip and the other on the lens, the shooter is always prepared to make critical adjustments to focus and zoom. (We recommend adding an Okii MC1 Remote for start/stop, and iris control on the Zgrip with the Zacuto Okii bracket coming out early June 2012). The included EVF Standard Mount will hold any Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) and allow for quick adjustments using Zacuto’s Pan and Tilt technology. The Standard Mount also sports a built-in “kickstand” to keep the camera level whenever placed on the ground.


A new shorter DSLR handle that sits at camera lens level is included giving the shooter exceptionally balanced control when shooting in low mode. Rounding out the kit is Zacuto’s soft foam shoulder pad with 7 inch rods and a Z-Lite Double counter weight that is absolutely essential for ideal rig balance.

The kit includes:

  • DSLR Plate with no rods
  • Zgrip Handle with 1” male rod
  • EVF Standard Mount
  • 2” Male Rod
  • Kickstand Stopper
  • Shoulder Pad with 7” rods
  • (3) 4.5” Male Rods
  • Z-Lite Double
  • Z-Mount II
  • T-Mount
  • Top Handle

Zacuto Fee-N-G Review from Spirit Juice Studios on Vimeo.


**The Fee-N-G rig is named after product designer Patrick Fee who made it his mission to put together the most compact and functional shoulder mounted setup for DSLRs on the market today.

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