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Fostex AR501 Mic Preamplifier

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AR501 Mic Preamplifier

The AR501 Mic Preamplifier for DSLR Audio from Fostex is a camera-mountable mic preamp that offers 48-volt phantom power and can be used for location recording, ENG, and installation applications. It features a balanced XLR input and output in addition to an unbalanced 3.5mm output connector that can be attenuated -10 or -50 dBV for connecting to your camera's mic level input.

The AR501 is powered by a single AA battery and supports three selectable input gain levels. An integrated and selectable high-pass filter can be engaged at 80 or 160 Hz to help eliminate low-frequency rumble. The included joint plate allows you to cascade 2 AR501s for stereo use.


  • Selectable mic input gain level, -20 / -30 / -45 / -60 dBu
  • HPF at 80 or 160 Hz with -6 dB/octave
  • Cascading function for stereo application with a supplied dedicated joint plate
  • Balanced Out (4 dBu, XLR) and Unbalanced Out (-10 dBV or attenuated -50dBV, stereo mini)
  • Peak LED and Power LED that doubles with low battery warning
  • Powered by 1x AA battery for 10 hours operation (approximately 4 hours with 48 V on) or DC-IN (5 V, Micro USB)
  • Power saving mode (phantom power down to 24 V) to extend the operation hours
  • Extruded aluminum chassis
  • Shoe rails for various camera rigs and a tri-pod compatible screw hole
  • Stereo mini OFC cable included for DSLR connection or cascading to another unit

Package Contents:

  • Fostex AR501 Mic Preamplifier for DSLR Audio
  • Joint Plate
  • Stereo Mini Cable
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

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