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Grass Valley Storm Pro

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Product Omschrijving

Editors of broadcast-quality programs require a means to preview and evaluate their video and audio in the best quality possible. Users in a file-based, networked environment often don’t need to ingest baseband video or audio, but still want to preview projects at the same quality level as the final, delivered output. STORM Pro hardware provides the means to do this.

When used in conjunction with EDIUS editing software (purchased separately), the PCI Express-based STORM Pro empowers you with a constantly synched, full-resolution preview of effects and content directly from the timeline.


Key Features :

  • HDMI output for full-resolution, real-time monitoring with 2-channel/8-channel embedded audio
  • HD-SDI output for full-resolution, real-time monitoring with 8-channel embedded audio
  • HD-SDI input, with 8-channel embedded audio
  • Video and audio output stays perfectly in sync for accurate editing and trimming
  • STORM Pro Bay (purchased separately) adds the following:
  • Analog component/S-Video/composite video input (BNC x 3)
  • Analog component/S-Video/composite video output (BNC x 3)
  • Analog balanced 4-channel audio input (1/4-inch TRS)
  • Analog balanced 4-channel audio output (1/4-inch TRS)
  • Audio monitoring output with volume adjuster (stereo mini jack)

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