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HPRC2700W Wheeled Hard Case with Foam for DJI Ronin-M

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Protect your DJI Ronin-M Gimbal system during transport and storage with this HPRC2700W Wheeled Hard Case from HPRC. Manufactured from a tough resin exterior and a neoprene gasket making this case watertight, corrosion resistant, and impact resistant, while the interior custom-cut foam secures the gimbal and other components stored inside. Built-in wheels and a retractable handle make this case a breeze to transport. A pressure release valve allows you to equalize the pressure of the case interior and the outside environment, useful when transporting the case to different elevations.


  • Custom-Cut Foam
  • Specifically made for the DJI Ronin M, this foam will hold:
  • Ronin-M gimbal
  • Ronin-M transmitter
  • 3x Ronin-M 4S batteries
  • 2x battery chargers
  • Handle bar
  • Tuning stand
  • Camera mounting plate
  • 7" field monitor
  • additional small accessories

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