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IntraTec Bridge Duo

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IntraTec Bridge Duo


Dual radio high power wireless distribution unit

What we think:

Bridge Duo is where video meets IT. Its extreme WiFi functionality has a real place in video and broadcast workflows...

Cut camera cables and send HD video over massive distances (in conjunction with Teradek Cube)

Control studio cameras remotely without the need for Ethernet cabling

Place PTZ cameras in any location, benefiting from Bridge Duo's battery power supply



  • Connect any network (IP) enabled devices over a high throughput long range WiFi link
  • Easily extend the range of existing WiFi equipment with just one unit
  • Completely transparent, devices connected to either end of the WiFi link will behave exactly as they would if they were connected directly with an Ethernet cable
  • Dual radio design allows one radio to be used for the backhaul between bridging units and the other for as a local access point.
  • Ideal for covering larger distances, directional antennas can be used to connect bridging units while the local access point still allows free Omni-directional roaming at each end.
  • Multiple units can be used together (Point to MultiPoint)
  • Supports transmission speeds up to 300Mb/s
  • Supports transmission distances greater than 500M with standard antennae / 10KM with external antennae
  • Automatically adjusts transmission rates based on current conditions to maintain link stability
  • Housed in a ruggedized carry case
  • Can be powered from standard v-mount batteries or POE
  • XLR power output for powering external devices
  • No radio licences required
  • Supports the use of narrow channel widths for increased range and stability in crowded environments
  • Web based site interference monitor

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