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Kessler Hercules 2.0 Head

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Hercules 2.0 Head

The Kessler Crane Hercules 2.0 Head is a super-robust, solid aluminum pan and tilt head featuring a 100mm ball mount as well as 75mm fixed ring mount. It's compatible with both 100mm and 75mm bowl tripods and supports heavy-duty payloads up to 150 lb. Offering a flat surface on top with two 1/4"-20 mounting threads, this head supports direct attachment of Kessler cranes and sliders (except for the 5 ft CineSlider for stability purposes), allowing thus for very stable connection. To mount a camera, you'll just need an optional quick-release system that can be bolted into the 1/4"-20 threads. You can use the Kessler Crane Kwik Release or Manfrotto 577 adapter/plate system.

This head features Kessler's Bio-Glide technology, which allows for very smooth pan and tilt movement — smoother than of standard fluid heads — and spring assisted drag control. Tilt can be pin-locked, allowing the head to function as a Kessler Fluid Swivel. A removable pan handle is included. A bubble level is built in. Leveling is not supported on 75mm tripods because of 75mm system limitations in surface area.


Key Features :

  • 100mm ball mount
  • 75mm fixed ring mount
  • Compatible with 100mm and 75mm bowl tripods
  • 68 kg / 150 lb payload
  • Flat surface with 1/4"-20 threads supports cranes, sliders, and quick-release systems
  • Bio-Glide technology allowing for very smooth pan and tilt and spring assisted drag
  • Pin-lockable tilt
  • Includes pan handle
  • Built-in bubble level
  • Two thumb knobs included for attaching cranes


Specifications :

  • Material
    Solid aluminum
  • Ball Diameter
    100 mm ball, and 75 mm ball fixed ring mount
  • Payload
    150 lb (68 kg)
  • Mount Types
    2x 1/4"-20 mounting threads on top supporting the Kessler Crane Kwik Release, Manfrotto 577 adapter/plate system, and directly supporting Kessler Crane cranes and sliders

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