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LP-E6 - DTAP Power Adapter Cable

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Power your on-camera monitor from professional batteries with this LP-E6 to D-TAP Power Cable.

  • Uses system power, requiring less battery changes during a shoot
  • Draws power from the D-Tap/P-Tap output on a pro battery system like Anton Bauer / IDX / Blueshape
  • Powers devices designed to use Canon LP-E6 style batteries
  • Connectors on both ends latch into place & resist accidental disconnection
  • Genuine Anton Bauer D-Tap/P-Tap connector
  • Reverse polarity protection prevents damage to device even if power source is wired improperly
  • Supports devices that draw up to 18 watts

Specifications :


  • Connector Type Anton Bauer Power Tap
  • Voltage 9v - 38v
  • Power Consumption Supports devices up to 18 watts
  • Overload Protection Reverse polarity protection, short-circuit protection, over-current protection (2.5A max), thermal shutdown (activates at 165°C), and an undervoltage lockout
  • Output Voltage (VDC) 7.4v (2.5A max)


  • Depth/Length 45 cm
  • Weight (Item Only without battery) 45.36g
  • Weight (Packaged) 45.36g

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