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LP-E6 to D-Tap Cable

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The Switronix LP-E6 to D-Tap Power Cable allows you to power anything using a Canon LP-E6 battery with an external power source. Now you can power our line of EVFs or your Canon 5D/7D with pro V-Mount or Anton Bauer batteries.



  • Input Voltage; 10-24v
  • Output Voltage; 8V
  • Output current; 2A
  • Coiled length 45cm - 121cm (18", extension 48")
  • Emulator chip to convey battery status based on input voltage


Warnings and Cautions:
Do not intentionally cause a short. If you suspect a shorting has occurred discontinue use immediately. If someone misuses the product, or if the product receives a short for an extended period of time it is possible to damage the battery adapter.

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