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ND 500 MC+H.R.C. Filter 52mm

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ND500 MC+H.R.C Filter


This is the L.C.W. ND500 neutural density filter, providind a real 9 stops density.


ND400 is one of the most common ND filter photographers use and manufacturer always misleading people by saying that could provide a 9 stops density, which is actually 8 2/3 stops.

Now, Light Craft Workshop would like to introduce you the real 9 stops ND filter, ND500 MC.

L.C.W. ND500 MC allows to reduce shutter speed from 1/500 sec to 1 sec, which is a real 9 stops reduction of light.

Designed with thin filter ring, this helps to avoid vignetting on ultra wide angle lens and multi coated glass helps to provide a better image resolution and anti-flare performance.

  • Type: Neutural Density
  • Intensity: 9 stops (reduce shutter speed from 1/500 sec to 1 sec)
  • Coating: Multi-Coating, High Resistance Coating (H.R.C.)
  • Size: 52mm


(taken by Canon 7D w/ Tamron 10-24mm)
Focal length: 10mm (16.8mm equv 135 FF)
Aperture: F/18
WB setting: Preset daylight
Without any filter


With L.C.W. ND 500 MC


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