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Promote Control Shutter Cable SY3

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Shutter Cable SY3

This cable requires a separately available Promote Control HDR bracketing controller unit.

Using this cable enables the following modes of operation with select Sony Alpha cameras:

  • One Shot in full "Auto" or Bulb mode (shutter speeds can be preset only in Bulb mode, no preset apertures or preset ISO values)
  • Time-Lapse (shutter cable must be enabled and used in Promote Control Setup)
  • Bulb HDR
  • Bulb Ramping
  • Manual Shutter Hold
  • Hyperfocal Calculator

Other Promote Control modes are not compatible with Sony Alpha cameras at the moment. Regular USB-based HDR bracketing mode is not compatible with Sony Alpha cameras. As a result, HDR bracketing mode is limited to the shortest exposure of 1/20 to 1/5, depending on your camera model. Please see Bulb HDR section in Promote Control User Manual for more information.


Supported Cameras

IMPORTANT: This shutter cable also requires a Bulb Ramping / Bulb HDR Assist Kit to be connected. It is thus ONLY compatible with Sony Alpha cameras that also have a PC Flash socket or a standard flash hot shoe. Examples of supported Sony Alpha cameras are:

  • SLT-A99
  • SLT-A77
  • DSLR-A900
  • DSLR-A850

Other Sony Alpha cameras may also be compatible if they have a round PC flash sync socket, or a standard hot shoe (see above links for more information).

IMPORTANT: Sony cameras with a proprietary Sony hot shoe are also supported via an optional third-party adapter that provides a round PC flash sync socket. Other similar adapters may also work.

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