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The ultimate value need not be the ultimate compromise

The OLED Difference

Unparalleled color gamut
OLED is the next major leap in display technology, capable of reproducing a much wider range of color than traditional LCD panels, letting you see a much truer representation of what your camera is capturing.

Infinite contrast ratio
Because OLED displays are not backlit like LCDs but rather lit by each individual pixel, black means black. This yields a contrast ratio of infinity to one. Really.

All of the benefits none of the negatives
OLED manages to bring back what we loved about CRTs - the way they handled color and contrast (yet far better on both counts) and retain the upsides of LCD such as its light weight, low power draw and resolution.

Any color you can display on an LCD or CRT can be achieved on this OLED screen, but not the other way around.

8-bit doesn’t sound like much more than 6-bit, but let’s put it this way; 8-bit means you get 64 times the amount of displayable colors than current 5.6inch HD monitors.

True HD 720P
You didn’t expect us to skimp here, did you? Each AC7 ships with native 1280x800 resolution so you don’t have to worry about your built-in on-camera LCD telling you your shot is in focus when it is in fact, not.

Compact Frame
Even with a bigger screen, the AC7 (LCD) is barely any larger than our DP6 and nearly the same weight, meaning more room in the gear bag.

Software features :

Focusing is difficult to do and easy not to catch mistakes until it’s too late. Our focus assist tool is here to lead the charge against out-of-focus shots with its class-leading edge and contrast detection to make the director a happy camper whether that person happens to be you or not.

Depending on the camera exposure can be relatively easy or very difficult. Remove the unknown with our Exposure Assist tool, which highlights areas that are blown out or under-exposed. Another option highlights midtones as well to accentuate those areas your camera may favor most (not pictured).

Framing for safe zones is easy– as long as you remember to do it. Switch on your AC7’s Framing Guides to get around the issue altogether and worry about other important stuff.

This little guy is in every single AC7, bolted to every structural strongpoint to ensure your monitor keeps ship shape under the rigors of shooting in the field.

Easy to use menu
Continuing to go beyond the typical “field monitor” design, we’ve come up with a simple, ergonomic menu navigation system unlike any other field monitor on the market. Much like the button/scroll-wheel layout of most DSLR cameras, it offers an incredibly natural feel, and more importantly is intuitive enough for anyone to learn quickly. As proof of its simplicity, the operator can carry the AC7 and navigate through its menu simultaneously, using only one hand.

Backlight Adjustment
Simple and novel, the backlight brightness adjustment allows you to choose whether to crank things up for bright, outdoor situations, or turn things back to conserve battery when in a studio setting. (ONLY Available on LCD Version)

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