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The SmallHD AC7 OLED SDI is a rich-color AC7 model, capable of producing true blacks (no glow) and a high color gamut as a result of its OLED display, which in contrast to LCD displays doesn't require a backlight and can produce its own colors. This model also features a larger, 7.7" display with a Gorilla Glass screen, which is scratch-resistant and highly fingerprint-resistant.

Like the other AC7 models, this OLED model also offers sophisticated focus, exposure, and framing tools in a 1280 x 800 HD resolution. Connections consist of HD-SDI, HDMI, Component, and Composite inputs and an HD-SDI output. The menu is controlled via a scroll wheel on top that both navigates through all the features and pushes-in to make selections. There are also two function buttons next to the scroll wheel that are assignable with the feature of your choice, such as Focus Assist.

The housing is relatively slim, and its bezels don't add much around the display. The monitor is lightweight, coming in at less than 45 gr / 1 lb, well suited for on-camera mounting without placing any stress on the camera. The AC7 OLED SDI ships with a power supply, USB cable, microfiber cloth, and a universal battery adapter plate that supports optional V-Mount, Gold-Mount, and DV battery brackets, to which batteries are mounted.


Key Features

  • Gorilla Glass, rich-color 7.7" OLED display
  • Produces true blacks and a high color gamut
  • 1280 x 800 HD resolution
  • 8-bit color depth
  • HD-SDI, HDMI, Component, and Composite inputs; HD-SDI output
  • Sophisticated focus, exposure, and framing tools
  • Push-in scroll wheel menu/feature control
  • Two assignable function buttons
  • Includes battery adapter plate that supports V-Mount, Gold-Mount, and DV battery brackets


Monitoring Tools

Focus Assist Plus
Focus assist filter.

Focus Assist Max
A more intense version of Focus Assist Plus.

Focus in Red
A further improvement of Focus Assist Plus.

False Color HL (High/Low)
Paints overexposed and underexposed areas in a specific color, similar to a Zebra filter but useful for dark tones as well.

False Color HML (High/Mid/Low)
Similar to False Color HL but also adds a new zone for Midrange/Skintone values at 55 IRE, plus a green gradient and purple gradient to highlight exposure values above and below the midrange. 

Framing Guides
The AC7 OLED SDI features several Framing Guides (Crosshair, Crosshatch, Aspect, and Title) to help you line up your shot.

DSLR Scale
Most Canon and Nikon DSLR output signals do not fill a monitor's screen completely. The DSLR Scale function enables you to fill the full screen with the incoming signal.

1:1 Pixel Mapping
Magnifies a particular portion of an image to display it in nearly its native resolution.

2x Zoom
Zooms into the image past its native resolution.

Anamorphic Desqueeze
Stretches and crops to a 2:35 aspect ratio for a 16:9 input.

Have the choice to monitor in black and white with Monochrome.


Box Contents:

  • Battery Plate Mounting Bracket for AC7 Field Monitor
  • 12V DC, 2A Wall Power Adapter
  • Mini USB to USB Adapter Cable
  • Quick Start Guide

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