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Sun-Mover silver/white

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Tired of boring even light? Learn in only 60 seconds how to replace your “standard light” with “great light” with just a little simple tool

  • SUN-MOVER silver/white, one size for all jobs: 85 x 79 cm

Move the sun with the SUN-MOVER.

This pop up reflector puts the other flimsy pop-ups to shame. At Sunbounce we spent a lot of time working on this reflector before we finally came up with a solution that we are proud to put out name on. Most pop-up reflectors flex and bend or blow in the wind. They end up looking wavy like a potato chip giving you almost zero control over where the light is being reflected. The Sun Mover is just the opposite. Sun Mover is made of a super stiff material that keeps the reflector skin tight as a drum. Its two handles give you a secure grip and allow you to directly the light where it needs to go with confidence.



One side of the reflector is a punchy silver fabric and the other side is a neutral white. Use either side to suit your needs.

  • Hand Hold it or mount it to a light stand its versatile.
  • The SUN-MOVER with PermaTense by Sunbounce
  • One size for all jobs: 85 x 79 cm

Technical details:

  • Weight: approx. 0,52kg
  • Total size: approx. 85x79cm
  • Colour: silver, white
  • Material: Textil, Steel

Scope of Delivery:

  • Frame/Screen
  • Bag

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