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Tascam DR-60D MKII

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New addidional MKII features:

  • "HI+PLUS" setting allows a maximum input gain of 64 dB
  • Power source switches automatically from external to internal when necessary (with pop-up message on display)
  • New smooth XLR/TRS combo jack


High Quality Audio Recorder Designed for DSLR Filmmaking.


Mixer Integrated Linear PCM Recorder for DSLR.

TASCAM's award winning DR-60D is the new audio recording solution for on-set filmmakers and videographers using DSLR's. For years, filmmakers have been trying different methods for recording audio - includng the use of bulky recorders designed for music and trying to transform the inferior audio technology built-into DSLR's. Now TASCAM has designed an answer that pros and amateurs alike have been waiting for.

The DR-60D is a brand new 4-track solid-state recorder utilizing TASCAM's decades of experience. The recorder utilizes high-grade HDDA pre-amps, legendary AD converters, and a durable but lightweight structure and shape. This device will fit snuggly under any camera or into any rig, and record up to 96kHz/24-bit high quality audio straight to SD/SDHC media. Filmmakers have at their disposal two 1/4"-XLR Locking Combo MIC/LINE Inputs, 3.5mm Stereo MIC Input, Camera In, Camera Out, Line Out and Headphone Out. Both 1/4"-XLR Combo Inputs supply +48V Phantom Power and the 3.5mm Input supplies Plug-In Power for microphones requiring a bias voltage.

The DR-60D is incredibly easy to use, employing TASCAM's very popular user interface and external controls for every major operation. The body structure, soft-touch keys and dials are designed specifically to help eliminate handling noise. The multiple record modes include, 4-Channel Record, Auto Record and TASCAM's Dual Record "Safety Track" Mode make the DR-60D one of the most versatile recorders on the market.

Convenient Features Ideal for DSLR Shooting

Dedicated CAMERA OUT Provides Simultaneous Recording between DSLR and the DR-60D

The CAMERA OUT connector outputs the sound mixed internally on the DR-60D. This output is equipped with an adjustable level control dial due to the lack of input level control on most DSLR's. This ensures a quality reference track is recorded onto your camera. Everything being recorded to the SD card can be sent to the camera - including slate tones - to make sync easier.

Versatile Slate Tone Generator Provides Easy-Adjustments for On-Site Movie Editing

The internal slate tone generator produces various tones for easy track making and recognition. Slate tones can be generated from 2 operation modes;

Automatic:OFF/HEAD(rec start)/HEAD+TAIL(rec start and end) (You can select duration of the slate tone: 0.5/1/2/3 sec)

Manual:Push the SLATE button for tone. (In HOLD, the SLATE button is disabled for mistake prevention.)

Channels 3 & 4 - 3.5mm Input Connector Supports High-Output Video Camera Microphones

The channels 3&4 input connector supports high-level maximum input up to +10dBV and have plug-in power available. Most video camera microphones are high-level output and equipped with a 3.5mm output connector.

Tripod Socket Placed on the Bottom and a Screw for Camera Attachment Placed on Top

The DR-60D can be placed between a DSLR Camera and a tripod, or mounted to a rig easily. In addition, the bracket of the top panel can be removed when you wish to attach the DR-60D to stabilizers.

510g Light-Weight Body Designed for Rugged Portability

The DR-60D's body was manufactured with very rigid plastic for a durable but lightweight design. TASCAM understands how important weight is to ensure one is getting the right shots and steady camera movement when filmmaking. In adiition to weight, the DR-60D is extremely compact while remaining feature-rich. Only 133mm (5.25") wide, the DR-60D will not interfere with any normal camera operation. Also, all batteries can be replaced without removing the device from the Camera or tripod / rig.

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