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VisTitle 2.6 for Avid Media Composer

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VisTitle 2.6

VisTitle is a new title application developed by Beijing VideoStar Co. Ltd, which is designed to meet the requirements of NLE system users for HD/SD titles and graphics design. VisTitle can run as standalone as well as work seamlessly as a plugin to EDIUS NLE system. It is truly an ideal application for EDIUS users to create HD/SD titles and graphics.

VisTitle software is based on Windows Operation System. The system of original 64 bit software (latest version) works on the basis of parallel CPU and GPU, make full use of 64 bit computing and CPU multi-core and multi-thread, apply rendering algorithm of GPU programmable language, and maximize the computing power of current hardware. VisTitle can create 2D titles, 3D titles, and 3D stereo titles in SD, HD, and 2K or 4K resolution. It can apply high quality real-time rendering* of broadcast-level to texts and objects rapidly with high performance.


Compatible with Avid Media Composer, Symphony, NewsCutter

The original effect plugins are integrated with Avid series NLE system including Media Composer, Symphony, and NewsCutter. Abundant title templates can be dragged onto the timeline to apply. Support real-time clap of subtitle on the timeline. Subtitle Real-time preview in video output of hardware during the process of clapping, VGA real-time preview during the whole process of title creating, and real-time linkage with video on NLE timeline are allowed. Every title can be played on Avid timeline and there is no need for renderring.

VisTitle can be added to the timeline track as an original title effect plugin. It can also achieve seamless link-up with video on the timeline of Avid with preview effect in synch during the process of template modifying or title editing, making title editing more efficient and more convenient.


Text Support

  • Support various alignment styles and horizontal, vertical, positive, and reverse order arrangement.
  • Support title of minority language.
  • Support word-by-word property editing in text.
  • The text can be deformed and placed according to arbitrary curves.


  • More than 50 kinds of GPU acceleration effect including true 3D scrolling, ripple, fragmentation, lens flare,
  • holes, etc.
  • Unlimited user-defined in/out effect.
  • Various gorgeous lighting effects including light halo effect, stripe light effect, sweep light effect, volume
  • light effect, and image light effect).
  • Key-frame effect of 3D camera, allow to push, pull, shake, and pan to create panorama effect.
  • All the effects can be animated with key-frame.
  • Support to accelerate, decelerate, Erase In/Out changing curveof key-frame values.


  • Import/Export of multiple text format.
  • Import/Export of SRT file and Avid DS Caption file.
  • Set subtitle play style (fade in/out, cut in/out, template effect).
  • Multiple editing modes (clapping mode, editing mode, timeline mode), convenient for subtitle to be
  • modified slightly.
  • Stylish subtitle templates.
  • Create subtitle template freely with single-line, double-line, and horizontal, vertical, and curving
  • arrangement, applying WYSIWYG alignment styles.


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