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Vistitle Plug-ins Package

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Vistitle Plug-ins Package


Vistitle Plug-ins Package :



  • The plugin is mainly used in designing karaoke title. Its features are
  • Importing lyric text, replacing text
  • Importing MP3 or Wav audio, waveform display in audio track
  • Quick setting words input/output time by listening and patting(keyboard) at the same time
  • Adjusting input/output time upon timeline allows for adjusting them accurately
  • Showing preview effect on a simple "that you see is what you get" basis.
  • Supporting single line or dual line arrange style, supporting lyric mark, warning animation
  • Supporting custom templates of karaoke text playing effect


  • The plugin is mainly used in designing handwriting animation. Custom every stroke sketch and stroke contour makes stroke animation simple and clear. Its features are
  • Cubic Bezier stroke sketch and stroke contour editing, drawing unlimitedly
  • Setting key-frame interpolation to adjust stroke radius along with stroke contour
  • Setting key-frame interpolation to change stroke speed
  • Arranging stroke animation upon timeline, supporting key-frame curve adjustment in
  • graphics mode
  • Editing different color for every stroke or using original color

3D Particle

  • The plugin is mainly used in designing dynamic particle effect. Its features are Supporting kinds of particle emitters, such as point emitter, line emitter, rectangle emitter, circle emitter, box emitter, ball emitter and so all.
  • Particle emitter enables 3D transform based on key-frame
  • Allowing single emitter and super emitter. Emitter may include several particle streams
  • User can define particle parameters and adjust key-frames of emitter, particle, particle stream and more
  • All editors work on a simple "what you see is what you get"basis. Showing real-time preview effect
  • Equipped with hundreds of particle templates, particle images, particle sequence image templates, easily applying
  • Powerful timeline key-frame editor, supporting key-frame curve adjustment in graphics mode

2D Path to 3D

2D Path to 3D plug-in is used for extrude any 2D shape to 3D look like, such as 3D logo animation.

  1. Extrude all VisTitle 2D shape object to 3D, including 2D text
  2. Extrude VisTitel 2D shape path group object to 3D
  3. Apply different material to shape's face, side, and back
  4. 3D transform effect, Material animation, light animation
  5. Support Depth, Bevel control parameters
  6. Extensible preset library, easy and fast apply

3D Chart

3D Chart Plugin is used for creating 2D/3D chart animations, main features is:

  1. Various kinds of 2D/3D chart type, including 2D/3D bar, cylinder, cone, pyramid, pie graph etc.
  2. Chart data key frame based animation
  3. Has axis, axis plane, legend, title etc.. chart elements, all have powerful parameters to be control
  4. Support 3D light, provides 3D light template in default
  5. Support 3D transform key frame animation

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