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Z-Finder 3" Mounting Frame for Tall DSLR Bodies

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Z-Finder 3" Mounting Frame
for Tall DSLR Bodies


The Z-Finder Aircraft Aluminum Frame must be used in conjunction with the Gorilla plate. The Z-Finder frame attaches to the Gorilla plate with two thumb screws; the Gorilla plate is attached to the bottom of your camera. The frame has a rubber coating on the end which stays against the LCD screen with pressure. The connection between the Z-Finder and frame is a snap fit. The Z-Finder snaps into the frame and can quickly snap off for going between video and photos. To release the frame from your camera, you must un-do the thumb screws and slide the frame off. This frame is used on the taller body cameras such as the Canon 1D Mark IV and Nikon D3s.

If you are using a battery grip on your camera, you might need the battery grip frame. If you have a small body camera, a different frame is necessary.




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