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Z-Finder JR

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Z-Finder JR


The Z-Finder Jr. is Zacuto’s most simple model optical viewfinder. It acts as a stabilizer, cuts out any extraneous light, offers 2.5x magnification, has a 40mm diameter Zacuto optical designed lens, and has multiple mounting options.

The Z-Finder Jr. does not have a diopter, instead it uses Z-Finder Extender Frames to adjust the focal point in stages. The Z-Finder Jr's focal point is -4.75 and up (unlimited with extender frames).

The Z-Finder Extender Frames attach to the skirt of the Z-Finder Jr. and allow you to semi-permanently stack the frames until the LCD screen is in focus for you. This method will help users who are farsighted and may have problems seeing up close.



The Z-Finder Jr. comes with two mounting options. The first is the silver forked Z-Finder Jr. Mounting Bracket shown in the product photos.* This mounting bracket must be sandwiched between a tripod plate (or similar) and the camera. An included rubber backed snap on frame attaches to the Jr. body and sits up against the camera LCD to avoid scratches or movement. The actual Z-finder Jr. is held in place with pressure from the fork of the bracket. This method is great for people who only shoot video. If you also take photos and will need to come up to the camera viewfinder, you may prefer the second method - our 3” adhesive Z-Finder Mounting Frame.** This method does not require the silver bracket or the rubber backed frame. The Adhesive Frame attaches directly to the camera LCD and the Z-finder can pop on and off that frame. This method will work for all 3” LCD screens.

*NOTE: The silver Z-finder Jr. Mounting Bracket will only work on small body cameras. (Canon 5D/7D/Nikon D3000 etc..) If you have a tall camera (Canon 1DM4, Nikon D4 etc.) or use a battery grip you cannot use this bracket. You can use the adhesive frame on any size camera. Our Pro Gorilla Plate and mounting brackets are compatible with the Z-finder Jr. and can be purchased a la carte on this page.

**NOTE: The Z-finder Jr. comes standard with our 3” adhesive frame for 3” LCD screens. It is also compatible with 3.2” LCD screens with the addition of our 3.2” adhesive frame which can be purchased separately.


The Z-Finder Jr. includes:

  • Z-Finder Jr. Loupe with 2.5x magnification
  • 2 Extender Frames
  • Z-Finder JR. Mounting Bracket and rubber backed snap-on frame
  • 3” Adhesive Z-finder Mounting Frame
  • Lanyard and Lanyard Hook
  • Lens Cap and Sun Mask
  • Z-Finder Dust Cover

The Z-Finder Jr. comes with one installed Anti-Fog disc. This also acts as a lens protector and is expendable.

WARNING The Z-finder is a magnifier and as such will magnify the sun and could damage the LCD screen if the sun is allowed to shine directly through the Z-finder lens. This is not a defect but a physical property. Caution should be taken to avoid direct sun light. Proper use of the included lens cap and sun mask will dramatically reduce but not eliminate risk.

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