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Zacuto Zonitor ENG Large Kit

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Zonitor ENG Large Kit


The Zonitor ENG Large mount kit allows you to quick-release a monitor from a Zamerican articulating arm and the arm from the top of your camera.

This kit allows you to mount any device with a ¼ 20” (or 3/8 16”with ¼ 20” to 3/8 16” adapter) screw hole, such as an external on-board monitor, lights, and/or hard drives, using a Zamerican Arm.

The arm is mounted on a Zicromount III that is attached to your camera's handle. The Zicromount III prevents unwinding with the use of the L prongs.

Designed and manufactured by Zacuto. Made in the USA. Zacuto lifetime warranty.


Zonitor ENG Large Kit Includes:

- Zamerican V3 Large Arm
- (2) Zicromount III's



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